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3. July 2019

How Amazon sellers can leverage Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is the most anticipated event for Amazon sellers worldwide. Last year, more than 100 million articles where sold on that one event only. Since there are a lot of customers that are looking for good prices, it’s worth for sellers to invest some time to prepare for that event and don’t let the sales slip out of hand. Therefore, we gathered some tips and tricks for you and answer the most important questions.

How can sellers prepare for Amazon Prime Day in the following days leading up to it?

Since your most selling products will most likely lead the sales during Prime Day it is most important to concentrate on polishing your best products first. Have a look at the titles, bullets, pictures, the description and all further aspects of the product page to make sure they are presented in the best possible way. Take your time and make them as appealing as possible. For this check out the free Helium10 chrome extension, that evaluates your listing. 

Listing evaluation
Listing evaluation

If you are running special Prime Day promotions, don’t forget to stock up your inventory since you might be out of stock very fast and lose further sales. Have a look at the negative reviews and general questions on your account. Customers appreciate your help with their questions and will tolerate a negative review easier, if you give an explanation.

Add “prime day 2019 deals special offers” to your back-end search terms and use those as keywords in a separate campaign for your promoted top products. Those search terms are used very frequently. 

What PPC tactics can sellers use to optimise sales on Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is known for a big traffic boost. Thus might lead to exhausted campaign budgets sooner than expected. Increase your bids and budgets for Prime Day. You’ll have not too much competition with high bids where increasing those will help you to boost your sales. It would be a pity if your sales are doing really good and the budget runs out, just because you forgot to raise it. So take that into account as well.

Optimise your PPC Campaigns by having a look at your keywords and research for missing ones. Look for bad performing keywords and set them on negative while adding them as positive with a very little bid.

CPC Prime Day 2018
CPC Prime Day 2018

What other promotion strategies can sellers use on Prime Day?

  • Apply for Amazon Prime Deals (application period is over for this year)
  • Coupons are a good way to generate a lot of attention. Since most of the shoppers are looking for good prices on Prime Day it might really help boost your sales even without a huge discount.
  • Use Sponsored Brands to guide shoppers to your Brand Store
  • Use Facebook ads with a messenger bot like manychat to drive additional traffic to your discounted products.

Sales Prime Day 2018
Sales Prime Day 2018

How can sellers sustain the surge of sales after the event?

When checking figures for last year most sales will drop back to its origin after the event making it hard for sellers to keep the momentum. One way to keep the sales up is the after Prime Day promotion with coupons on Amazon but also to reactivate subscribers if you used a Facebook bot with a special offer “in case you missed it”.

BidX is offering a special “Boost” function for the Prime Day.
What does it do and how can sellers use it?

We have developed a new feature called Boost to temporarily push your ads. On activation it increases the keyword bids, ad group bids and budgets by a chosen percentage. When deactivating all values will get “restored”. You can individually select the campaign where you want to use it or you may use a bulk file to edit the Boost percentage for multiple campaigns and countries simultaneously. This is a perfect competitive advantage on sales events like Prime Day and Black Friday but also can be used while having lightning deals or launching new products. To learn everything about it, check our Boost-Tutorial.

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